#GenerasiGIGIH 2021 by YABB x Gojek

Fadhilla Atansa Tamardina
4 min readJun 19, 2021

Hello, again! This medium post is written as a part of my blog challenge for participating in #GenerasiGIGIH 2021 by YABB x Gojek.

Let’s start!

In March, I registered myself to be a part of #GenerasiGIGIH 2021 by YABB x Gojek which path is a data analyst. The main reason is I love being around data and my background is matched also because I’m coming from statistics major. Alhamdulillah, I was accepted for the beginner level and I’m currently finishing the tasks.

I never expect before if #GenerasiGIGIH will be held some webinars at the beginner level. So, when there is a webinar announcement, I am excited. I joined two webinars which are Webinar Ignite Series #1 and Webinar Ignite Series #2. Let me tell you one by one what I got in there!

For series #1, I would say that the guest star is so inspiring! Yes, she is Aleisha Fiona. She is Leadership Development Specialist at Gojek and also a Co-Founder of Relearn Indonesia. She was speaking on the theme of ‘Getting Ahead by Learning to Unlearn and Relearn’. I’ve read that title in some book before, so I was triggered by the theme and I decided to join!

Back in this century, we as individuals need to learn, unlearn and relearn because we need to survive in this fast-paced industry. Simply, what got you here, may not get you there.

Learning means absorbing the knowledge we may not know before. This is correct!

But when we talk about unlearn means we also talk about humility. Unlearning allows you to discard and validate the relevance of your past experiences and knowledge. Especially, in this tech industry, when an individual does unlearn means she/he is in her/his path to go the extra miles alongside her/his company so she/he can work effectively and efficiently.

Key takeaways for unlearning:

  1. Simply, we can learn from opposite perspectives or experiences

2. We can be more curious as we were before! Because the more you know is actually the more you don’t know

3. The most important is we can create our new goals or perhaps we re-create our past goals in different ways!

And my message, to sum up, is a quote that I quoted, “You must unlearn what you have learned”.

Moving on to Series #3, this series was so unexpected for me because the guest star was the co-CEO from Gojek itself. I thought that the speaker would be from the workers there. But, I was so amazed because Mr. Kevin spent his time sharing his stories only for #GenerasiGIGIH. Yes, he is Kevin Aluwi, a co-CEO of Gojek. The theme is the same as #GenerasiGIGIH which is ‘What to Prepare to be a Changemaker’.

In 2011, Mr. Kevin said that investors rarely invest in the world of technology because they did not believe in the world of technology. The biggest challenge when starting Gojek was that it was difficult to find investors at first because Gojek is a company based on ‘Tukang Ojek’ with a lot of negative stigmas. Whereas the key to the success of Gojek is an Ojek driver (in English is Motorcycle Taxi driver) who can be trusted and provides the best service to customers. Second, at that time many were skeptical because the law for motorcycle taxi services was still ambiguous. Investors started to doubt. Third, looking for talents who can help Go-Jek to succeed, because Go-Jek used to be considered as an Ojek company. The challenge is how to find people who can build Go-Jek infrastructure at the beginning of Go-Jek, but in reality, it doesn’t exist.

In the beginning, Gojek driver also ever clashed with local motorcycle taxi drivers until they were hit, one of the company’s challenges to survive.

Talking to be a change maker, the tech role is very beneficial in the future and to be the most desirable career in this fast-paced industry. Mr. Kevin also shared his observation regarding startup companies that are growing fast, but they weren’t directly proportional to the fast pace of talent in Indonesia.

What I love to hear from Mr. Kevin’s message is:

If you try something new it won’t be easy, because many are skeptics and don’t believe.

If there is something new with a great potential, there will be many challenges, so persistence is important.



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