Week 2 Reflection #GenerasiGIGIH by YABB

Fadhilla Atansa Tamardina
3 min readJul 19, 2021
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It has been two weeks since I’m joining the Bangsa Class of #GenerasiGIGIH Intermediate Level. I’ve always been excited to share my weekly stories here. Here I go!

In this week, I learn more technical about Data Analyst. It’s a rapid process for every student who participates in this #GenerasiGIGIH Program. This week’s challenge is so exciting. I need to answer Past, Present, and Future questions. The past question defines my understanding before classes, the Present shows my feelings and understanding this week, and the Future shows my next step for the materials. A big thanks to kak Calvin Sibarani and kak Arnold Zakaria as our faciliators for this week. You guys are so insightful!

Let’s jump further to my answer!

It is around 70% of this week’s material since I’m majoring in statistics and I’m so familiar with any test explained in the session. In my first year of college, my lecturer explained more about non-parametric statistics. I think the test will be beneficial for a Data Analyst to go deeper with the analysis.

Frankly, I’m still curious about how statistics can help a Data Analyst to deploy a model. Even though I did modeling many times, it still outdares me to do more modeling with statistics.

I feel more challenged to be honest. The best part that I like is a group activity at the end of class and this weekly challenge. The group activity always gives me a goosebump because we need to explain to the facilitators about the result. The weekly reflection given makes me think to write more about what I understood from the session. It helps me also to rewind the materials as I write here today!

I think that all parts are so amazed. The duration is longer than I expected, it is worth it. I enjoy this program since the facilitators also help us to understand more by answering all questions. I love the discussion. Yes! When the slide link was given, I immediately ask my question.

The materials can develop critical and analytic thinking skills. I think that would be able to conduct research. Without the usage of statistics, it would be hard to make decisions based on the data collected from a research project.

It also helps me if I want to do forecasting. For example, if I want to know what weather will happen next month, I can predict it by modeling based on statistical concepts. The models compare prior weather with the current one and the future one.

Statistics data allow me to collect the information around the world in general.

Thank you for stopping by here! See you in my next post. Salam, GIGIH!

The Recap of Week 2



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