Week 3 Reflection #GenerasiGIGIH by YABB

Fadhilla Atansa Tamardina
2 min readJul 25, 2021
#GenerasiGIGIH Program

During the three weeks with #GenerasiGIGIH, my feeling is like a big thunderstorm accompanied by rain but ended with a beautiful rainbow.

(Fun fact: Large storms and the tremendous amounts of rainfall they bring with them are also beneficial for ecosystems and human agricultural needs. They can eliminate unwanted invasive plants from certain ecosystems (but can also help spread them), enrich soils with fresh nutrients, and encourage greater plant diversity).

I could say that I didn’t expect if the event schedule was so tight. The materials are so lit! We can’t think it once but we need to think more than once to find a solution for the study case. I was so surprised when the task is given and got to be done at that time. The time was only about 10 minutes to do it. But, the facilitators also help us to make it done. The rainfall comes when I think I couldn’t make my homework done, but I would say that it seems impossible until it gets done. The key is only to be optimistic about whatever you’re doing right now. As everyone believes, the rain will end up a clear sky. The sky is full of rainbows. And, that rainbow is today where I can write my third weekly reflection. I can survive for three weeks with #GenerasiGIGIH. I thank myself for always believing that everything will end beautifully like a rainbow.

I can say that I give all of my efforts for the past three weeks is 90%. Human error will make everyone can’t be perfect, so do I. I tried harder to solve all the tasks and homework. Every question given in the task is logically easy to be understood. I just needed to recheck whether my logic is as same as everyone thinks or not. Though, the obstacles I face, I can survive in the end. For myself, doing a query many times is a key to know the answer to my logic.

If I asked my #GenerasiGIGIH mate a question, it would be ‘What makes you stay and keep going in this program?’

Thank you for stopping by and hope my journey will help you soon :)

The Recap of Week 3



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