Week 4 Reflection #GenerasiGIGIH by YABB

Fadhilla Atansa Tamardina
2 min readAug 2, 2021
#GenerasiGIGIH Program

Hi, back to my #GenerasiGIGIH journey in my fourth week!

Yup, I didn’t expect my position will be in the top 100 (out of all tracks). I still feel that I need to learn more. But I keep being optimistic about everything that I’m doing right now. I always pursue things that will improve my well-being and try to minimize the stress in my life. I think that my position will change as time goes on because I believe people changes so the position does. One thing for sure, I keep trying my best to do everything that I’m doing right now :)

And to all my friends who made it to the top of the board…

Congratulations, I’m happy for you guys! Keep going!

I’m sure that they give their best to this program so they can make it that far. I learn to be more resilient than who I am today. I thought that I got that from all parties in this program. And I’m beyond grateful to be here :)

Last but not least, to all my friends who feel like you are in a dark tunnel..

I hope you can find your light anywhere and anytime. Never give up on something that you’re doing right now. Stay humble, stay curious, and be an optimist. Your life is not a competition to others. Be thankful for who you are! :)

The Recap of Week 4

Thank you for stopping by. I hope my journey can help you as well :)



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