Week 5 Reflection #GenerasiGIGIH by YABB

Fadhilla Atansa Tamardina
2 min readAug 9, 2021
#GenerasiGIGIH powered by YABB and Gojek

Hi again! It will be more different from the previous week since the questions given by fellow students. Here I goooo!

Talking about losing and seatbacks, I think that would be the biggest challenge for everyone. As big feelings can emerge throughout the grieving process. I also feel if emotions can be consuming but they won’t be permanent. I always talk to myself if my life is not a competition to others. My mantra is..

If I lose, I learn. If I win, I also learn.

If I fail, I learn. If I succeed, I also learn.

Yes! Sometimes people forget to look at progress and a process they made before they get lost. I can handle myself even when I feel I can’t do it. Being vulnerable and gentle to accept will be a greater good. It’s normal. I see that I’m not alone and loved by many. So, take learnings and move forward!

Yup! I’m not a perfect one to tackle burn out but perhaps I could recommend some. Here is what I always do,

  1. Create a list of priorities to what learnings you want to go deeper

2. Try to connect with visual and audio so it will make you happier

3. Spare a time to yourself as a me-time (it will recharge your energy :D)

Last but not least, I recommend you to take a Bootcamp course related to either data analyst or data science. If you are a moviegoer, you can watch a Youtube channel like ‘Manusia Setengah Chi Kuadrat’, Simplilearn, Krish Naik, free Code Camp, and many more. And if you are a bookishness, you probably can read a scientific book like a statistics book, a digital journal, or a digital paper.

And my proposed tagline for this program is #BreakYourGround

I feel that all students are trying to break their ground for going extramiles. To become a #GenerasiGIGIH means you need to be more persistent than who you are today. Break your ground from you, by you, and to you.

The Recap of Week 5

Thank you for stopping by and hope my journey can help you as well :)



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